Sports Dietitian and Genetic Testing

Personalized Nutrition Counselling

We provide practical advice based on the latest scientific evidence, that’s easy to follow and fits into your lifestyle, to help you achieve your goals.  Our main goal is to give you the best dietary strategies out there to improve your athletic performance or to prevent disease and optimize health.

From beginner to elite, Megan works with athletes of all ability levels, as well as individuals wanting to achieve sustainable weight loss, manage chronic disease and implement dietary strategies for disease prevention and optimal health. Megan provides one-on- one nutrition counseling to help clients achieve a wide variety of goals. Megan works closely alongside each client to determine areas of improvement and to supply individualized strategies that are customized to each client and their unique lifestyle. Megan is there to support her clients each step of the way in order to help them reach their fullest potential. Personalized nutrition counseling includes an in-depth computerized dietary analysis, body composition testing and individualized supporting dietary resources. Personalized nutrition counselling is offered through two package options:

Quick Nutrition Fix:
Best suited for those at or near their nutritional goals but wanting to find small areas for further improvement, such as identifying areas of nutritional deficiencies that may be influencing health, wellness or sports performance.
The Quick Nutrition Fix Package Includes:
 An initial nutrition assessment (1-hour) and 1 follow-up appointment (45-minutes)
Total Nutrition Revolution:
Best suited for those wanting to undergo a complete nutrition transformation for long-term success, such as losing body fat and gaining muscle mass, preparing for an important sports competition or managing chronic disease.
The Total Nutrition Revolution Package Includes:
 An initial nutrition assessment (1-hour) and 4 follow-up appointments (45-minutes)
After the completion of either package, additional follow-up appointments can be purchased as needed.
Many extended health insurance plans offer coverage for dietitian services. Please check with your insurance company to see what coverage is available to you. At this time, we do not direct bill extended health insurance plans but will provide a detailed receipt to submit for benefit reimbursement purposes.

Genetic DNA Testing

Genetic differences affect how people respond to food, giving unique nutritional needs for each person. Nutrigenomix involves a quick and simple saliva test to give a personalized nutrition report based on your unique genetic profile. Megan currently offers two genetic tests:
45 Gene-Health Test
 45 Gene-Sport Test
Genetic testing involves an initial appointment for saliva collection and one follow-up
appointment (1-hour) scheduled for 2-4 weeks later to explain your personalized nutrition
report and implications for your dietary requirements.
If you would like to see a sample personalized nutrition report and learn how genetic DNA
testing could improve your health, nutrition and performance, book a free appointment with Megan today. She would be happy to explain the test and answer any questions that you may have.

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