Dr. Tyler Fletcher D.C, BSc Kin, DAc

President, Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Centre Inc.

Sports Chiropractor, Medical Acupuncture Provider
Specializing in Advanced Concussion Management and Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation.

Level II Shift Concussion Management Provider


I started off my career always having a passion for healthcare and rehabilitation.  Before high school, I always enjoyed volunteering at many physiotherapy clinics. I always knew that I wanted to be involved in the healthcare world and brain injuries.  After high school, I decided to go to the Univeristy of Waterloo where I obtained my Bachelor of Science (honours) in Kinesiology (2004). In my last year of University, I took a keen interest in Neuroscience and brain injuries.   Additionally, in my last year of school I had a traumatic experience where I fractured my lumbar spine in the gym.  From this experience, I decided to go into chiropractic sciences(2008).  I went to New York Chiropractic College after my undergrad and achieved my Doctorate of Chiropractic (2011).  During my schooling hours, I found that I had a keen interest in the brain and neurology.  I started to specialize in concussions and chronic brain injuries.  I had a true passion for rehabilitating people that suffered acute brain injuries to people who suffered strokes.  After my doctorate, I decided to specialize further by taking my certificate at McMaster University for Medical Acupuncture.  Post Schooling, I have taken numerous courses relating to concussion management and sports injuries.  I have taken my Advanced Level Vestibular Rehabilitation course, as well as, my Level II Shift Concussion Management certification.  This is the highest level of concussion management in the field.

Fortunately, I have been able to work with some of the leading professionals in the Concussion world, giving me elite level knowledge of how to treat and manage concussions.  Moreover, I have also been able to work at several top level clinics including Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine, London ON and Parkwood Brain Injury, London ON.  From these amazing experiences, I have been able to develop my own state of the art clinic, Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Centre.  We have over 20 different health professionals in the clinic specializing in sports injury and concussion care.  We are a team based integrated sports medicine clinic.  Our clinic is our 14,000 sqr. ft dedicated to getting our patients back to 100%.  We are currently getting the pieces together to open another sports medicine clinic in the area.

Current Certifications: Shift Concussion Management Provider (Level II), Medical Acupuncture Provider, Advanced Vestibular Therapist, Graston Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue techniques, soft tissue release techniques and Titleist Golf Performance Instructor.
Past Certifications: Active Release Therapy Upper and Lower Extremity