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On-Field Care and Performance Program

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I went a whole summer to a different clinic and got no results. I went to cobblestone for acupuncture and after the first week, already had more improvement then after months of treatment elsewhere! The Chiropractors are awesome!


They have a full line of sports bracing and supports, great selection! They have all the sizes too for any person!


"I have been going to the Cobblestone Chiropractor for my neck pain. That has resolved now I am going back for my right shoulder! Really good results and great people."


"After having a concussion playing rugby I am back 100% with no problems thx to their concussion program." The Sports chiropractors worked wonders with massage!


"I am able to play golf with no pain thank you to my chiropractor."


"I’ve been feeling a lot less achy in my back and I find it easier to do everyday activities!" Dr Steve has really helped me with my exercises.


"I haven't been able to walk around the block in years and now I can pain-free!!!
My back always felt like it bent to the right, I can finally stand up straight.
I came into the clinic with a partial shoulder tear. I was told that it would probably take 4 -5 weeks in chiropractic rehab team. I was already feeling much better after 1 week in the clinic."


The Dietitian is amazing! Really glad I came to this clinic for help!


"They fixed my Shoulder in two treatments after the Bioflex laser!" The Chiropractors gave me great options!


"I have had mid-back pain for years now. I have tried multiple therapies and nothing has worked. I gave chiropractic acupuncture a try and Im sure glad I did! I have less back pain now."


"I thought I needed back surgery. I was referred to a back surgeon. As a result, I recently joined the gym here in Paris at the clinic. I did see some improvement. I was also referred here for treatment and help. I have been here for 4 weeks and I no longer need any medications. I do not take rebaxocet or oxy anymore. I am medication free. I will not be going for surgery any time soon."


"Great Results after Bioflex Laser and Acupuncture on the chiropractic side!"


"This is the best place to come in the Paris and Brantford Area! They are wonderful and know their jobs! 10/10!" Great Rehab team. Massage and chiropractic worked wonders!


"No problems since my concussion. Feel 100% better after treatment." The Sports chiropractors really knee their stuff here in the clinic!


"I have always wanted to go Scuba Diving but my shoulder injury limited me. Now I can." Thank you for the great rehab exercises! The sports chiropractic team has been very useful.


"I have been working out competitively for awhile now. Dr Steve performed Electro Acupuncture seems to awaken my muscles!!"


"I hurt my elbow working out at the gym. After two weeks my elbow feels much better after PRP injections."


"After my very first Chiropractic treatment, I could already walk better. Each treatment I was able to do more. I am very happy that I came here."


"I have been experiencing veritgo for years and years. Nothing has helped. Thank God I found this clinic. After 4 weeks of treatment, I no longer need my vertigo drugs." The vertigo therapy really helped me!


"I was very impressed with the level of care that provided by Dr. Fletcher. Dr. Fletcher was very professional, very personable and extremely informative throughout my rehabilitation process for low back injury. Besides treatment by Dr. Tyler Fletcher he also provided me with alternative information that assisted me in treatment outside the clinic by a physician. I am now currently pain free and very pleased with my experience!"


"I have had two concussions and thought my headaches would never go away. The clinic has done wonders and getting me back to school and sports again.
I fell during my Ontario tumbling competition and hurt my right knee. Cobblestone sports chiropractic has gotten me back to 100%."


"Front Desk provides Fantastic Service and very understanding with a relaxed atmosphere."


"I came to Dr. Fletcher and his team right out of UCL surgery beginning 3 months ago. I could not move my arm at all. I had very limited ROM. Now starting here I am back to full range of motion, I feel better than pre-surgery. I am almost back ready to throw again. My girlfriend recommended me to come to the clinic and Im glad she did! I am almost back to normal activities. Thank you so much!"

CB (United States NCAA - Varsity Baseball player)

"I was in a car accident 15 years ago and have faced chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Since coming to this clinic I no longer have to take my daily pain patches anymore. I doctor is very impressed with how effective their treatment methods are! He now refers to this clinic all the time!"


"Front Desk was very friendly and informative with all my treatment care options." The Clinic has many great service options for healthcare!


"Because they have all healthcare professionals in one place, we can find the service that best suits our needs. I fully recommend Cobblestone to anyone in the area!" We ended using multiple therapists in the clinic to help!


"I have been in competitive figure skating since I was a young girl. I have been to a variety of clinics for my chronic hip pain. They have all been recommended by my coaching staff. All summer I have been scared to do some of my jumps. I am ready to compete this weekend with no problems. I will continue to come to this clinic! My figure skating partner recommended me to come to this clinic. He has been coming here for all his aches and sprain injuries." Thank you Dr Fletcher for helping me.

AM and RT (Canadian National Figure Skating Champions)

"My back is feeling much better. The home exercises and therapy by Dr. Tyler has been very beneficial. I have not had to take any medication for my back in weeks!"


"I received a concussion back in 2012. As a recommendation from the Brantford Bisons Football Association I came to see Dr Tyler. I began treatments for the concussion. The staff is amazing. They treat you with dignity and respect. They don’t just treat you with chiropractic care but do a whole body approach. Since my treatments I have found my health is better and I am able to take part in my normal activities again. My energy has improve and my sleep is better!"

DL (Brantford Bisons Football player)

"I am so Impressed with the care that I have received, that I have referred my whole family to the clinic." Dr Steve has been amazing!


"My disc herniation has fully resolved. I no longer have the excruciating leg pain anymore! I thought I was going to have surgery. I cant believe the results." The traction machine has worked very well!


"15 years ago I had a very severe work injury where my knee was severely lacerated. Since then I have been on disability. Because of my injury my right low back has been in excruciating pain. I felt tremendous pinching there all day long, it never stopped. I have seen Dr. Tyler for 8 weeks and I wish I saw him sooner! I haven’t felt this much better in years, the pinching is almost completely gone."


"Very painful shoulder condition. Suffered with condition for 2 years then came and saw the chiropractors. I never could sleep due to the pain and tingly that went down my arm into my hand. It caused me a lot of issues and kept me awake all night. Nothing has worked until I came here. Within two treatments in one week I could finally sleep without any pain. Now just over a month I have no problems. I wish I had never waited to come here."


"I have not had any headaches in 5 weeks. This is the first time in 10 years because of the acupuncture treatments."


"I have arthritis in my back for over 20 years. The acupuncture has really helped me. I can finally walk now without pain." Dr Ty used acupuncture and I could hardly fee it!


"I just completed my 1st Ironman Tri!!! Thank you Tyler, you are the best!!!
Just to note: An Ironman Tri consists of 160km BIke ride, FULL Marathon run and 10km swim...."

RL (Completion of Ironman TRI)

Thank you so much! Although i'm not 100%, I feel like I can finally function! Dr Dix really helped me!


"I began treatment with Dr. Tyler On Aug 8th, 2013. I was experiencing severe neck and low back pain. He has been treating me with Acupuncture and massage. It has greatly lessened my pain. I am sleeping much better than I have in a while. I referred my husband to see Tyler for pain in his knee and also had great results. When you arrive you are greeted by friendly staff and appointments are on time. Great results."


"I’ve seen Dr. Fletcher regularly 3x/week for just over a month. Since my last visit, I have found relief of my constant pain in both of my lower and upper back regions. Flexion distraction has improved my ability to move in my day to day activities!"


"I have been in a great deal of pain with my legs due to the severe low back pain I have been experiencing for years. Now after treatments, I can manage most of the day very well plus now I can actually walk 2 miles per day something which I have been unable to do for a long time." Thank you Ashley and Tyler for your amazing treatments!


"Dramatic improvement in my symptoms with right sciatica with active release therapy and chiropractic care. Over the last month, the level of care I have received here with Dr. Fletcher has been phenomenal 5/5."


"Feeling 70% better and can actually walk and sit longer. Made curtains for 2 windows; I finally felt good enough to do them. Walking my dog further each week. My back feels much looser in the morning!" Chiropractic adjustments keep me loose.


"When I first came to this clinic I had extreme sharp pain in my right foot. Now after treatments my foot feels a lot better! I can walk further everyday without the sharp pain." Shelley has really helped me with all my footcare needs!


"Dr. Tyler Fletcher has been terrific helping me strengthen my new hip after full hip replacement surgery. He has helped me greatly with range of motion with both hips. I feel very fortunate to have hooked up with Dr. Fletcher!"


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