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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to therapy? We are certain that you probably have some questions.

We are proud to offer a free 15-minute phone or in-clinic consultation with any of our therapists before you book your first appointment!  This will allow you to learn more about their practice and ask any questions you may have before coming to Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Centres!

Why Look After Our Bodies Anyways?

Caring for your body is just as important as cleaning your teeth and maintaining your car. Every day, our muscles and joints undergo wear and tear, which can cause pain or injury. Regardless of your age, activity level, or occupation, it’s crucial to regularly maintain your body to ensure that you always feel your best!

We start by examining the overall picture of your body’s organization and balance, how you move, and how one problem can cause issues elsewhere. This enables us to look at the underlying cause of any pain, dysfunction, or areas that are holding you back from performing at your best in a strategic and systematic manner. Our approach enables us to not just treat pain, but also to help you move better to prevent future pain.

During your entire session, you will receive one-on-one care from your therapist.

How Do I Choose A Therapist At Cobblestone?

Our Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Healthcare teams have a wealth of experience and expertise to cater to your needs. We believe that a good rapport and trust with your therapist can enhance your therapy experience. Therefore, we take our commitment to you very seriously and try our best to match you with a therapist who can offer you the best support and complement your needs.

Most of our therapists specialize in specific injuries, sports, and hold various treatment certifications. You can either choose a therapist based on your convenience or browse through each therapist’s profile to find someone who meets your requirements.

Our therapists are available to support you through phone or over our secure video platform, whichever you prefer. Our in-clinic team is flexible and will cater to your preferred session type.

What Is Corrective Exercise?

Once we decrease the tension in your body, our therapists work with you to increase control of this new range of motion using personalized, corrective exercises.



How Long Are Typical Sessions? Will I Get Treated On My First Visit?

Your initial assessment and treatment typically lasts one hour. Follow up visits are either 30 or 60 minutes depending on your preference and your therapist’s recommendation.  Definitely. While we start your initial assessment with a thorough Full-Body Assessment, which includes a look at your posture and the way you move. Your first visit will typically also include a thorough hands-on treatment session. As we get to know you and your amazing body we will recommend further treatment accordingly.  As a team-based facility, we may also recommend other treatment providers.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

One of our most frequently asked questions! After your initial assessment, your Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Therapist will provide you with a recommendation based on your needs. The majority of our clients come in to either fix their pain, recover from injuries, or tune-up their bodies as part of their monthly supportive routine. If you are in pain, our therapists will be able to provide a more specific recommendation catered to your needs.

What Do I Wear To My Appointments at Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab?

Please bring comfortable athletic clothing for your treatment session and Indoor running shoes.   We do not allow outdoor shoes in our facilities.

Can I Use My Extended Health Insurance Plan For Visits?

Yes, our therapists are licensed health professionals – we bill directly to most major health insurance providers. Please check with your insurance provider to see if a doctor’s referral letter is required before you book your session.

What If I Need To Cancel?

Per our cancellation policy, if you need to reschedule or cancel your session we require 24 hours advance notice. If you cancel or reschedule your session within 24 hours, you will be charged for the session.

Let’s Book An Appointment!

If you have been contemplating therapy for some time and have already checked out our therapists, you can book your first session now and start your journey. We are excited to meet you and begin working together towards your personal growth and well-being.