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Location – Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Brant

Let’s Take Your Training To The Next Level!

Building stronger athletes one step, one session and one rep at a time. We are a team of coaches dedicated to developing athletes so that they can build confidence and develop habits to succeed in sport and life. We coach athletes through strength and conditioning programs designed to maximize athleticism and self esteem and minimize risk of injury.

Our Team Training sessions provide athletes with the opportunity to increase their sport performance by focusing on the importance of speed, power, mobility and strength/conditioning. We want to help you prepare your athletes for a healthy, competitive and successful season!

Offering Team Training for a wide range of ages and sports. Currently, we work with professional, junior, college/university, minor sport athletes, as well as several teams in the area. During Team Training sessions, our staff focus on improving your athletes overall athleticism by using movements and exercises that will carry over to their sport performance. AFT will start by building your team a personalized program that includes progressions and benchmarks for your athletes to hit throughout the duration of their training. We also offer Combine Testing sessions as part of the Team Training package – this information is useful if you are looking to track athlete progress. We are looking to teach proper and safe technique, all while keeping the athletes engaged and explaining the “why” behind each movement they are taught. Each session is typically a blend of speed, power, strength, and mobility to create well-balanced athletes and are an hour in length.

Team Training Pricing Structures!

1 Team Training Session – $180.00 + HST

5 Team Training Sessions – $850.00 + HST

10 Team Training Sessions – $1600.00 + HST

Individual Client Pricing Structures!

3 Month Programs! 

3 months/once per week: $800+HST

3 months/twice per week: $1550+HST

3 months/three times per week: $2300+HST

6 Month Programs!

6 Months/once per week: $1550+HST
6 x 2/week: $3000+HST
6 x 3/week: $4300+HST

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Location – Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Brant 

25 Curtis Ave N, Brant ON

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