Benefits Include:

  • Improved fine motor control & coordination
  • Increased movement & mobility
  • Monitor movement capabilities, establish norms and progression of performance and motivate improvement.
  • Versatility in rehabilitation routines
  • Applicable for a wide variety of injuries or age group of patients



Medical practitioners, specifically physiotherapists, can use the FITLIGHT Trainer™ as physical therapy equipment to rehabilitate clients from injuries as well as utilize the system for more complex diagnoses. The lights can be positioned by the physiotherapist to improve range of motion, strength, coordination and proprioception of an injured extremity.

By varying the position of the lights, the therapist can also target static and dynamic balance. The FITLIGHT Trainer™ can be programmed to increase the repetitions as desired, and the degree of difficulty as the patient improves.

The data collected from the system gives the physiotherapist tangible information that can be used to increase or decrease the exercise load, and also assist in determining the rate of recovery. This is all done under the control of the FITLIGHT Trainer™ program as defined by the physiotherapist for the specific injury or condition being treated.

During the rehabilitation phase, the physiotherapist can use the FITLIGHT Trainer™ as rehabilitation equipment to execute a series of planned and unplanned movements that are typical of the regular routines the user performs. The recorded data from this rehabilitation equipment would be invaluable in assessing the patients’ recovery and determining a more accurate prognosis for return to pre-injury or pre-morbid status.

Cognitive Disorders

Challenges in sensory processing are common amongst individuals with cognitive related disorders. Training with light and sound stimuli offers stimulation to those with difficulties in sensory processing.

FITLIGHT Trainer™ provides a new, dynamic and visual learning framework to enhance sensory and motor skills, identification and focus, and reactivity.

It allows users to engage in functional and social learning by providing motivational exercises for the enhancement of mental capacity, perception, and concentration.

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