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Assess Cognitive Function to Help Concussion Patients and Athletes Reach Their Goals!

Cognition is a key part of patient health. Physiotherapists treat disorders that have a direct effect on the brain, such as concussions and strokes, but any injury or source of pain can have profound effects on brain health. That is why physiotherapists use Creyos Health to measure the areas of cognition that affect quality of life.

Therapists working with brain injuries know that validated cognitive assessments are an important part of an evidence-based approach to rehabilitation. However, any serious injury or disability has cognitive consequences—pain, stress, time off work, and lack of physical activity can all have profound effects on the brain, so it is crucial to track brain health during assessment, recovery, and follow up.

Sport physiotherapists have reason to measure cognition as well. Helping patients live up to their full potential is not purely physical—athletic performance involves the brain as much as the body. With Creyos Health, clients will know the precise areas where they are strongest, and where work is needed. Whether recovering from an injury or optimizing performance in healthy clients, measuring cognition can demonstrate that your work is having a real effect on a client’s ability to make fast, accurate decisions.

Creyos Health is a web-based platform that uses cognitive tasks and mental health assessments to quantify a patient’s brain health, identify deficits associated with injury, pain disease, or age, and track recovery as treatment progresses, whether you are treating patients in person or via a telehealth program. Physiotherapists use Creyos to help patients of all ages reach their physical and cognitive goals.



Why Use Creyos Health to Objectively Measure Your Cognitive Function?

Improve Concussion Rehabilitation, Optimize Sport Performance, or Highlight the Link Between Brain Health and Body Health

  • Validate Patient Symptoms, Complement Diagnosis, and Identify Areas of Need
  • Take an evidence-based approach to rehabilitation with scientifically-validated assessments. Creyos Health complements physical tests and clinical observation with a quick and objective measure of the cognitive domains key to quality of life, such as memory, reasoning, verbal ability, and concentration. Whether you are involved in a return-to-work scenario resulting from an injury, or collecting consistent measures of cognitive function throughout the sports year in school, Creyos Health makes it easy.
  • Track the Long-Term Impact of Therapeutic Interventions
  • Rehabilitation leads to better brain function, but recovery can take time. Show patients a brain health report that highlights deficits, guides rehabilitation, and reveals the positive effects of treatments. Take a baseline assessment in-clinic, then evaluate progress long-term—Creyos Health assessments can be completed in the comfort of a patient’s home.
  • Get a Comprehensive View of Brain Health With Integrated Mental Health Assessments
  • Mental illness is closely linked with the injuries, pain, and chronic conditions that physiotherapists see every day. Creyos Health enables you to easily collect self-report mental health data, like measuring depression, anxiety, and ADHD symptoms using the PHQ-9, GAD-7, and ASRS. Measure and compare the full impact of recovery and optimization across key mental health markers.

Creyos Health Makes it Easy to Assess Cognitive Capacity

Injuries, pain, and disabilities are closely linked with cognitive deficits. Creyos Health allows physiotherapists, chiropractors and sports medicine specialists to quantify those deficits and track recovery. Any patient with acute, chronic, or evolving impairment in cognition—or at risk for such impairments due to injuries or health conditions—can benefit from regular assessment of cognitive function.

Insightful Cognition Reports in Less Than 15 Minutes

Reports are powerful, yet simple and easy to read, allowing you to instantly share results with your patient without extra modifications or explanations.

A customized assessment can take 15 minutes or less, and results are generated instantly—no manual scoring required.

Stay on top of important trends in your patient’s capacity over time.

Review your patients’ percentile rank relative to others of the same age group (ages 6+) and gender using our proprietary normative database, made up of more than 85,000 individuals.

A validity indicator and meaningful change calculation help interpret results and explain them to your patient.

Link results with subjective patient difficulties to turn “brain fog” into specific deficits that can be discussed and measured.

Download a Sample Report

Engage Patients With a Low-Pressure, Fun, Gamified Assessment Experience

Patients can be intimidated by long, rigid assessments—especially if they have already gone through physical health assessments, or are suffering from mental or physical health ailments. Creyos Health assessments are designed to ease patients into the tasks with a quick, game-like experience that removes the pressure.

Send links via email to allow your patients to complete assessments in the comfort of their own homes.

Self-guided interactive task tutorials help ensure your patients quickly get up to speed on task instructions.

Easily customize assessments for specific patient groups—like shortening the battery, turning off sound, or adding practice rounds—to create the targeted patient experience you want.


Measure Subjective Symptoms Alongside Objective Measures of Cognition

Patients often report brain-related symptoms associated with physical injuries or disabilities, such as difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, or brain fog—and these reports are valuable sources of information in a physiotherapist’s toolkit. Creyos Health provides objective, continuous measures of cognitive performance that can be used to objectively verify these symptoms, or ease patients’ worries by verifying they are within a normal range. As treatment progresses, patients can see objective evidence of improvement in the areas where they have struggled, and be reassured that as physical health improves, so does brain health.

Creyos Health also includes formal self-report assessments and other questionnaires right within the platform. For example, use the PHQ-9 to measure depressive symptoms, the GAD-7 to assess symptoms of anxiety, or the ASRS to measure attentional difficulties. Include any combination of measures within the same seamless patient protocol, then view a comprehensive report with mental health and cognitive performance measures side by side.


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