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The Cambridge Brain Sciences suite of neurocognitive tasks are derived from traditional pen and paper tests, and accurately measure core elements of cognition like short-term memory, reasoning, attention and verbal ability. They are trusted by leading healthcare clinics and cognition researchers, and have been validated by decades of scientific research.

What is CBS Health?

CBS Health is an online brain health assessment service that accurately measures core elements of your cognitive
function, including memory, attention, reasoning and verbal abilities. Your healthcare practitioner will use these
measures to assess, monitor and manage core areas of cognition that are key to your mental health and wellness.

Benefits of CBS Health

Convenient – CBS Health is web-based and flexible. Assessments can be
completed on desktop, laptop and tablet devices, no pen and paper or
special hardware required

Engaging – CBS Health tasks take only 1.5 – 3 minutes to complete, and
are highly engaging, enjoyable and unintimidating. Plus, interactive and
repeatable task tutorials will ensure you get up to speed on the task

Actionable – CBS Health allows you to quantify the core elements of
cognition and track your cognitive trends over time, validating that
treatment or wellness plans are having the desired effects, or allowing
you to detect episodic changes to your cognition.

  • Tasks used in 300+ peerreviewed
    studies of cognition
  • Over 8 million tasks completed
    globally, and counting
  • Backed by over 25+ years of
    scientific research

Objectively Gain a Baseline Measure of Cognitive Function

How does it work?
Using a tablet, desktop or laptop computer, you’ll take a series of quick, fun, and engaging tasks that have
been scientifically validated to measure your memory, concentration, reasoning and verbal abilities—all
core areas of cognition that are integral to your quality of life.

How will results be used?

Results for each task you complete will indicate where you stand relative to others in
your age group. Over time, and as you advance through the sports season, you’ll
begin to see performance trends so that you can objectively evaluate how you are
progressing. Your healthcare provider will use this information to better understand
any cognitive changes that may be occurring due to a sports-related incident.
Can you spot the “Odd One Out”? This task measures your deductive reasoning ability.

Common, everyday situations that require deductive reasoning include:
• Following a set of rules during tax-time and determining you qualify for a rebate
• Coming to conclusions about what’s safe for you to eat given a set of dietary restrictions
• Choosing the best hotel to stay at according to the criteria that matter to you most

Speak to us about how you can start measuring your cognitive function today
Gain a comprehensive understanding of your current brain health in
four key cognitive domains (short-term memory, reasoning, verbal
ability and concentration)
Re-assess your cognition throughout the sports season to help
objectively understand whether any changes have occurred due to a
sports-related injury
Continue monitoring post-treatment to ensure you’re maintaining a
level of cognitive function that enables you to be at your best
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I feel like I did not do well on my assessment – should I be concerned?
You should not be concerned if you feel you did not do your best – there is no such thing as “best” for this type of assessment.

The tasks are designed to be challenging and to assess your limits by getting increasingly difficult as you answer questions
correctly. Please be aware that this is only a snapshot of your cognition at the moment you are completing the assessment and that cognitive performance tends to fluctuate naturally from day to day depending on many factors (like your sleep quality, stress level, nutrition, exercise regiments, etc.).

I could not complete my assessment due to an interruption or technical issue – what should I do?
If you’re interrupted or experience a technical issue during the assessment, contact your healthcare practitioner and describe the situation, as well as the task you were on, so that results for that specific task can be interpreted appropriately. If you experience a technical issue that prevents you from accessing the assessment, let your practitioner know the operating system
and browser you are using.

How long does the assessment take?
Assessments can vary in length depending on the number of tasks your practitioner has chosen. A four-task assessment will
take roughly 15 minutes, while a full 12-task assessment may take approximately 40 minutes. You can view the approximate
length of the assessment on the first page of your assessment.

How will my practitioner use the results?
CBS Health is used in a variety of different ways, ranging from annual monitoring of your cognition to evaluating recovery from
injury to validating treatment plans or interventions designed to improve your brain health. We encourage you to speak with your healthcare practitioner to learn more.

What does a CBS Health report look like?
You can view a sample report here. Reports will indicate raw scores and percentile ranks compared to others of the same age
and gender, as well as tracking your results over time (if you’ve taken assessments previously).

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