Webster Chiropractic Technique



The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis & adjustment that reduces nervous system stress, balances pelvic bones, muscles & ligaments, and optimizes the mother’s pelvic function in pregnancy and birth.

Webster technique can help provide relief for common low back pain, sciatica, and pubic pain, to name a few that pregnant women often experience.

If you come to the clinic for Webster treatment, our Chiropractors will do a full history and examination for each patient. This is to ensure she can tailor the treatment to their exact wants and needs of the patient.

After that you can expect our Chiropractors to work on a variety of structures in the pelvis and hip areas.  First is The pelvis itself which is made up of three bones (two ilium and a sacrum) and three joints (two sacroiliac joints and the pubic symphysis). Webster’s technique is effective because it addresses all of these joints and works to maximize their mobility and function.

Second area the Webster technique addresses is the musculature of the pelvic and hip such as the gluteus muscles and piriformis. Our Chiropractors will perform soft tissue work on these muscles to help release tension in the low back and hips.

Lastly, our Chiropractors will work on releasing many of the ligaments that are affected such as the round ligament and sacrotuberus ligament.

Essentially the Webster Technique can result in a more comfortable pregnancy and labor for both the mother and the baby!

If you have any questions regarding how we can help you and your baby please contact us!