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Advanced Footcare Nursing

Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Centres

The Benefits of Seeing a Cobblestone Advanced Footcare Provider



To stay mobile and healthy, our feet need regular attention and care. With a focus on prevention, treatment and ongoing care management, our Nurse provided advanced foot care will help you maintain and improve the health of your feet.

Whether your preference is for service at home, an assisted-living facility, long-term care facility, clinic, hospital or other environment, one of our Licensed Practical Nurses or Registered Nurses will work with you in the setting that is most convenient and comfortable for you.

Advanced Footcare Nursing is beneficial for clients with:

  • Arthritis
  • Poor dexterity
  • Eye sight issues
  • Injuries that limit bending
  • Nail that have become too thick or hard to cut
  • Structural foot deformities
  • Chronic health issues where regular foot care is strongly recommended such as diabetics, dialysis patients, those with high blood pressure or who have had chemotherapy
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