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Rapid Access Clinic – Low Back Specialty Clinic

Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Centres

Is an innovative, upstream, shared-care model of care in which patients receive rapid low back pain assessment (less than four weeks on average), education and evidence-based self-management plans. It is designed to decrease the prevalence of unmanageable chronic low back pain, reduce unnecessary diagnostic imaging as well as unnecessary specialist referral.

In April 2018, the ISAEC Program began rolling out across Ontario in a phased approach as part of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s exciting vision for musculoskeletal care. During this expansion services may not be immediately available in your area. Nonetheless, your Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) is diligently working to make this program available for all patients that meet the program criteria.

It is important to also note that until ISAEC is fully rolled out to all primary care providers (PCPs), referral into the program is only available to patients whose family doctor or primary care nurse practitioner has enrolled in the program.

We appreciate your patience and continued interest in this program.
The ISAEC Program is funded by the Government of Ontario.

For more Information please refer to the information listed below, or go to our website at:


Positions of relief, stretching and exercises

Here is a library of short videos that illustrate relief positions, stretching and exercises often prescribed by CAR-L clinicians.

Your treatment plan will tell you which positions, which stretches and which exercises are indicated for you. As your plan covers several weeks, it will also specify how many sets and repetitions to perform and when.

Check our our full website of helpful videos and exercises for your low back pain!



General Questions and Inquiries

Why RAC – LBP (a.k.a. ISAEC)?

You have been referred to a Rapid Assessment Clinic by your family doctor or nurse practitioner for initial assessment of your low back and/or low back related leg pain to determine the next steps in your care.

Rapid Access Clinics for Low Back Pain are clinics that are being implemented across the province to help improve the quality, access and appropriateness of low back care. A clinic team will assess your low back condition in a timely way and work with you to create a personalized care plan to help you better manage your low back pain. Rapid Access Clinics services are fully covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

What Happens Next?

You will be contacted by an Advanced Practice Provider’s clinic to schedule your appointment. You can expect an appointment date within four weeks.

Your thorough assessment will be scheduled with the nearest available clinician and will be approximately one hour long. It is recommended that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to complete the necessary paperwork. Upon completion, you will then be assessed by an Advanced Practice Provider for approximately one hour.

Preparing for Your Appointment: What Do I Need to Do?

IMPORTANT. To optimize your time with your Advance Practice Provider, we recommend that you download and complete the Patient Intake Form prior to your first appointment.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please contact your Advanced Practice Provider’s office 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

For all inquiries including directions, changes to appointment times, etc. please contact your Advanced Practice Provider’s office.

It is important that we understand your condition. If you are unable to clearly communicate your condition in English or French please bring a friend or family member who can translate on your behalf.

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