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Concussion Training and Seminars

Offering the following services for your organization:

  • Documentation, & Compliance Tools
  • Concussion Policy Development
  • Training for Coaches & Teachers
  • Specialized Concussion Treatment Clinics
  • Return to Learn, Work, Play Programs
  • Concussion Testing
  • Concussion Training for Medical Staff
  • Concussion Resources

The Cobblestone Difference

As Concussion research continues to evolve daily, our multidisciplinary facility uses this information to improve and refine our approach to Concussion Care!

You can be confident that your athletes our receiving the best-in-class concussion care today, tomorrow, and each and every season!


Goals of Program and Course:

  • Enhance player safety
  • Improve communication between sport and healthcare teams
  • Decrease liability on your organization and volunteers

Concussion Sideline Course

Offered “In person” and “Online”, the course is designed to equip those on the frontlines – Coaches, trainers, teachers and parents – with an understanding of “What a Concussion is, how to recognize concussion symptoms/signs, initial steps to take and how to assist in safely managing the concussion athlete/patient back into the classroom and sporting environment.

Identifying concussion and informing the appropriate healthcare practitioners is often the first step towards effective Concussion care, athlete safety and faster recovery times.

Length – Approximately 60mins in duration

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