Meet Our Management Team


Our clinic has the ability to implement unique, research-based therapeutic approaches with comfortable, supportive, and motivating bed-side manners. This high-quality group of individuals enables Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Centres to become recognized as one of the areas leaders in mTBI/ concussion care, orthopedics, sports rehabilitation, vestibular therapy, musculoskeletal injury and mental health services. Our clinical team of doctors and therapists have worked with thousands of patients, contributing to their health and transformation. Their experience is evident in the ability to quickly and effectively assess and diagnose the functional, health, wellness and performance challenges that individuals often struggle with.

Our outstanding clinical team is equally complemented by a meticulously-selected, authentic, compassionate, and respectful administrative staff.  Our team is committed to ensuring that your experience is an unforgettable transformation in your health and life. We are committed to your rehabilitation and wellness providing a world-class experience.

Clinical Services

Dr. Tyler Fletcher D.C, DAc, BSc Kin

President and Founder, Cobblestone Medicine & Rehab Inc.

Tony Chen, PT

Director of Rehabilitation Services

Rachel Birley

Director of Wellness Services

Administration and Customer Experience

Robyn Ozog

Director of Administration and Clinical Operations - Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Inc.

Sue Fletcher

Manager - Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Paris

Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Paris

Ali Kitchen

Manager - Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Burford

Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Paris


Bryon Steckly

Accountant and Bookkeeping

Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Inc.