What Are InfraRed Video Goggles?

Infrared video goggles, sometimes referred to as “video frenzel goggles”,  have been used in research and clinical practices since the 1970’s to make examination of a dizzy vestibular patient more effective by allowing a clinician to see eye movements that are often suppressed in room light. The patient wearing the goggles only sees darkness.  This is also clinically known as visual fixation removed since the patient cannot see any object upon which they could fix their gaze.  At the same time, the infrared cameras inside the goggles (one in front of each eye) allow the clinician to view the patient’s eyes via a computer or laptop screen.

Helena Esmonde PT, DPT, NCS performing a Right Dix-Hallpike maneuver while watching the video from the infrared goggles

How infrared light works:  An infrared camera (also known as night vision) is a device that forms an image using infrared radiation, just as a traditional camera forms an image using visible light. Instead of the normal range of the visible light camera, infrared cameras utilize wavelengths at 940 nanometers in length. This invisible-to-the-eye light is what allows the infrared camera to sense and then have the connected screen display the patient’s eyes while they are in the dark inside the goggles.

How goggles improve diagnosis and treatment:  When visualized via an infrared camera with visual fixation removed, specific eye movements can allow for a more efficient and accurate diagnosis and so lead to the best treatment for vestibular treatments, rather than a “best guess.” Effective treatments can get your patients better faster, and happy patients lead to repeat clientele and excellent word of mouth reports. You, your patients, and your company – everyone benefits!

The primary use of infrared video goggles is to see a close-up image of the patient’s eye.  While using infrared video goggles, you may see brisker and/or a greater variety in types of eye movements than you are used to seeing if your prior vestibular exams have been done in room light.



Infrared Video Goggle Services are provided by Dr. Tyler Fletcher (Sports Chiropractor) and Beth Shannon (Physiotherapist) at Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab – Paris Clinic! The goggles can be used as an assessment, as well as, a treatment for Vestibular dysfunctions.

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