Prevention Strategies

Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab – Concussion/mTBI Program



What Can We Do To Prevent Concussion

1. Education for coaches, staff, parents and students to:
a) Recognize the symptoms of concussion;
b) Remove the athlete from play;
c) Refer the athlete to a physician.

2. Wearing the protective equipment appropriate for the sport engaged in:
a) Equipment should fit properly;
b) Equipment should be well maintained;
c) Equipment should be worn consistently and correctly

3. Students should follow their coaches’ rules for safety and the rules of the sport

4. Instruct absent student/athletes on previously taught safety skills prior to next activity session

5. Parents need to teach their child that it is not smart to participate in sports if they received a head injury

6. It is not a badge of honour to play injured

7. Discourage others from pressuring injured students to play

8. Parents/coaches must not convince the child/student that he/she is “just fine”

9. Sharing of information with the school and the school coaches about any concussions the student may have suffered in the past

10. Provide reassurance, support and request/offer academic accommodations as needed

11. Outline the risks associated with the activity/sport for a concussion

12. Demonstrate how the risks can be minimized e.g. teach proper sport techniques – correct tackling in football, effective positioning in soccer, how to avoid over-crowding when using the creative playground. Take attendance in class and interschool sports and instruct absent student/athletes, on previously taught safety skills, prior to next activity session

13. Document safety lessons e.g. date, time, brief content, list of students in attendance

14. Teach skills in proper progression

15. Enforce the rules of the sport

16. Emphasize the principles of head-injury prevention e.g. keeping the head up and avoiding collision

17. Eliminate all checks to the head

18. Eliminate all hits from behind

19. Check that protective equipment is visually inspected prior to activity and well maintained. Enforce the principles of: respect for the rules of the game and practice fair play.