Vision and Vestibular Therapy

Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Concussion/mTBI Program

Eye Movement Training Improves Early Reading Fluency – Mayo Clinic

Post Injury – Visual Dysfunction – Using Right Vision Software

After Therapy – Using Right Vision Software

4 Weeks, Vision Therapy and Rehab

Top Image – Post Injury Concussion

Bottom Image – Post Therapy Program


The visual system is often significantly affected by concussive injury. In some, symptoms of visual dysfunction may resolve in a short time frame, while in others symptoms may be ongoing for weeks or even months. Symptoms of visual dysfunction following head trauma may include headache, eye pain, difficulty reading, dizziness, focusing issues, and double vision.

For athletes suffering from persistent concussion-related symptoms, it is vital that they undergo visual screening to determine if a dysfunction is present. Most disorders of the visual system following head trauma are highly treatable if identified.

Our Health Professionals in the clinic are trained to identify and treat those athletes who may be suffering from a visual dysfunction post-concussion or post trauma. If further more specialized treatment procedures are necessary we can refer them to our qualified on- site Optometrist for assessment and rehabilitation as required.  We currently have an Optometrist on staff who provides our specialized vision rehab resources and specialized eyewear if necessary.

Below are some amazing results we have had in the clinic with vision therapy and prism glasses:

Example Case Studies

Actual Patient 1 – No glasses and beginning vision/vestibular therapy

Same Patient – Given Prescription reading glasses, 3 weeks Vision/ Vestibular therapy

Same Patient – Given Specialized Prism eyewear, 4 weeks Vision/Vestibular therapy

Patient 2

Strong Vestibular dysfunction due to car accident head trauma

No compression garments/postural support

Now Adding Compression Garment/ Postural support

Amazing results and improvement!