Dietary and Nutrition Counselling

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Cobblestone Personalized Nutrition Options

We provide practical advice based on the latest scientific evidence, that’s easy to follow and fits into your lifestyle, to help you achieve your goals.  Our main goal is to give you the best dietary strategies out there to improve your athletic performance or to prevent disease and optimize health.

From beginner to elite, we work with athletes of all ability levels, as well as individuals wanting to achieve sustainable weight loss, manage chronic disease and implement dietary strategies for disease prevention and optimal health.  Provides one-on- one nutrition counseling to help clients achieve a wide variety of goals. We work closely alongside each client to determine areas of improvement and to supply individualized strategies that are customized to each client and their unique lifestyle.

As an athlete — whether at the middle school, high school, college, or pro level — you have special nutrition needs. These can vary depending on peak-performance demands.

An athlete’s nutritional needs are greater than those of less active people, especially for:

  • Micronutrients
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Calories
  • Fluids

Nutrition Programs Tailored to Meet Your Sports Performance Goals

We help athletes of all ages understand that proper fueling and hydrating are vital pieces of the performance puzzle.

And, we tailor nutrition programs for the pro and amateur athlete alike, whether your performance goal is:

  • Getting more out of workouts.
  • Achieving faster recovery times after exertion.
  • Gaining or losing weight.
  • Rehabbing an injury.
  • Relieving pain.

Our experts also offer sport-specific and female-athlete nutrition programs.