Career and Volunteer Opportunities

As a result of our continued and accelerated success, Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab is always looking for enthusiastic driven people to join our organization and elite team.
Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab has an ongoing selection process to create an inventory of candidates from which positions may be filled whether be permanent or temporary vacancies. Once resumes are screened and assessed, return emails will be sent out.
If you are interested in working WITH Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab please send an updated and completed resume and cover letter to:

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Full Time Registered Physiotherapists
Offering Competitive Wage opportunities
Paid Vacation time and bonuses
New Grads welcomed
Learn and experience a Multidisciplinary Healthcare team environment

Kinesiologists, Physiotherapy Assistants
Growing team atmosphere
New Grads welcome to apply
Energetic team member

Offering Competitive Wage opportunities
Paid vacations time and bonuses
New grads welcomed to apply
Experience in large multi-disiciplinary environment

Registered Massage Therapists

Clinical Social Workers

Clinical Psychologists

Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine



Certified Chiropodists and Pedorthists

Reception and Office Managers
Experience or training required for position in related healthcare field
Must have experience with Billing MVA, WSIB and Private Insurance companies

Volunteer Opportunities
Always interested in high school, college coops or individuals interested in the health care field.