Dr. Tyler Fletcher

Vertigo, Balance and Proprioceptive problems
Trained in Advanced vestibular rehab treatment procedures

Normal balance is the ability to maintain an upright position against gravity. Some people will find this very difficult and this will result in falling or loosing stability. We need specific sensory systems in order for this normal functioning to occur. Our advanced vestibular therapist can assist in this. Some people may feel light headed, the room is moving around them, dizzy and increased imbalance whether moving or at rest. In addition, ringing in the ears may be associated. These symptoms may be a result of normal aging, neurological trauma, post stroke, trauma, motor vehicle accidents, or workers injury. Vestibular rehab therapists can help treat and manage these symptoms.

Our assessment will include diagnosis of the type of vertigo, balance and gait and MSK assessment. Treatment can be very effective for these types of problems! In some cases all you need is a single treatment. Proper assessment will allow the therapist to determine what is needed for your condition.